Wat is Lavasteen? En wat doet het eigenlijk?

What is Lava Stone? And what does it actually do?

The word lava stone actually says it all. It is a natural stone that originated from solidified lava. Lava, liquid rock, is released during a volcanic eruption. This has a temperature between 700°C and 1200°C. After the lava has cooled, it forms into large spongy rocks. Beads are then made from this. Lava rock comes in different colours, black and dark gray are the main ones. But it can also be red or brown in color. What is particularly striking about lava rock is its porous appearance. This natural stone is difficult to get even. This is also reflected in our jewelry. It is precisely this that makes each piece of lava stone so unique and gives it a tough look.

In addition to the fact that lava stone provides a beautiful piece of jewelry, it also appears to have a certain effect. Lava rock, as explained above, is created by the energy of fire and earth. This makes the gemstone strong and persistent. It increases your willpower and gives perseverance. Sometimes just that little bit you need to achieve a certain goal. This gemstone also helps to ground. This is all too necessary at this time.

Anyway,  the lava stone bracelet from Stavory is a bracelet that you enjoy wearing and that goes with everything. Whether it really has the above effect for everyone is of course still the question, but that is always a bonus and nice to know. In any case, very nice to buy for yourself or to give as a gift.

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